About Us

Delaney and Katie met in fourth grade where they bonded over being the only ten year old girls to already have their periods. Unable to successfully branch out since elementary school, they are now forced to work together at CWP. 

Delaney Buffett

Delaney went to the University of Pennsylvania to study Criminology, and that makes her better than you. She grew up in South Florida where she pretended to surf to impress boys, and that makes her worse than you. 

Delaney spent the last year working as a production assistant on independent film sets in New York, Louisiana, and California but now resides in New York City. She is currently writing, directing, and producing but still requests permission to 10-1 (and 10-2).

Katie Corwin

Katie was born in Indiana but tells people at parties that she is a native New Yorker. Although she spends her free time rewatching Brooks, Goldman, and Ephron movies, Katie attended Christian Boston College where she wasted money on a double major in English and Gender Studies. 

Katie is currently writing and acting in New York City but has yet to book her dream role of decapitated hooker on Law & Order SVU.

The Origin Story of Coffin Watson

"Coffin Watson" was the name of the imaginary workaholic husband Katie created for herself during her parents' divorce when she was little. She has a doctor's note confirming enough time has now passed for you to be able to laugh at it.